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Friday, February 18, 2005

Social (In)Security

With all the blabbing about the SocSec system going bankrupt over the next few decades, I think people are missing the point. I can't believe that the democrats support this archaic wealth redistribution system. All they ever do is block tax breaks that they spin are "for the rich" and they want to increase benefits from a program that steals money from the young and the poor and gives it to older wealthy people who should have had the foresight to plan for their own retirement. (Couldn't be because the lefties are beholden to the AARP and other senior citizens lobbies, could it?)

Here's my plan. Make participation in the program voluntary. I'd opt out immediately if the government would return all of the money it's taken from me, + 3% interest. Then there is one fewer person the government has to worry about in the future.

I don't believe that the system will be around in 45 years when I can retire and I'm sick of the government stealing my money for another unnecessary social welfare program.

So, give me my money back and I'll go it alone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bonne idee!

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