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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

OK. So next time there will be no raises for ANYONE!

The Supreme Court today sided with the party herafter to be known as the "Whining Civil Servants" in their age discrimination case against the City of Jackson, MS. Read the opinion here.

In an attempt to bring its civil starting salaries into line with the national average, the City granted all of its certain employees raises. Since the starting salaries were so low, but the average raises had been slightly better than national average, the employees with less than five years service received a higher percentage raise than the WCS's did. Since most of the WCS's who are over 40 have more than five years of service, they sued for disparate impact and WON. (Even though they would still have been making more money than before and would most likely be OVER the national average for compensation based upon experience.)

I hope the city fires the whole lot of them and contracts the jobs to the highest non-union bidder.


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