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Monday, September 01, 2008

Back home waiting for the storm

Arrived home about 2000 yesterday. I had made it from Las Vegas to Austin in 19 hours, three minutes door to door. That's a total average speed of 66.7 mph. The trip was just under 1300 miles. I'm pretty happy with that as I was only on the interstate (I40) from Kingman to about 40 miles east of Albuquerque. The rest of the time I was on old state highways in AZ, NM and TX. I still managed to average well above the required 62.5 mph you need for a Bun-Burner 1500 Gold. (Iron Butt Association ride, 1500 miles in under 24 hours.) So that ride should be doable if I plan my route around interstates.

Here is my actual route from Vegas to Austin.

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Had some pretty good thunderstorms from Vaughn to Roswell, NM and then again from Big Spring to San Angelo. There was also a moth storm just south of Big Spring. I've never seen anything like it. The bike is now completely covered in crap.

I rode the last 480 miles home last afternoon. Easiest time I've ever had on I-10. I probably saw less than 1000 cars total heading east between Houston and Baton Rouge. Even westbound wasn't bad. (Except at the backup from the tractor-trailer wreck around Anahuac.) From 50 miles west of Beaumont all the way home just about everything was boarded up and vacant. It was kinda strange. Also kinda hard to find gas. I stopped everywhere I saw an open station to make sure I'd have as full a tank as possible when I got home.

Mona did a great job shoveling all our loose crap into the house in my absence.

Now it's just sit an wait. The wind is picking up but the rain reallu hasn't started yet.


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

Glad you're back. Stay snug. Love you guys.

6:06 AM  

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