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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Ford Update #1

So far it's coming apart pretty nicely. The tie rods are off and the four ball joints on them are all crunchy, but not overly sloppy. The boots are all trashed from the years so it will be good to replace them.

I did find one of the problems when I removed the idler arm. The secondary pitman arm on it rotates fine but the ball joint is completely seized up. That would probably explain why the steering was so stiff and felt like it didn't want to return to center.

Last thing to do is remove the pitman arm from the steering box. I actually had the 1-5/16" wrench I needed to remove the nut and lockwasher, but I don't have a puller that will fit in the poorly engineered space that Ford has left for me, so it's off the AutoZone to see what I can find.


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