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Monday, March 14, 2005

The battle is joined.

The ire over the Plainfield track proposal continues. Here are a couple letters. One that Perry Rose wrote here.

And a response from an idiot here.

Now. Ms. Finnemore, whose residence I'm unable to confirm, so she might have her primary residence in Florida like the head of one of the anti-track groups does, assumes, as all well indoctrinated liberals do, that anyone who disagrees with her must be unintelligent. And I quote, "It is the educated verses the uneducated." Hey stupid! Verses are in songs, VERSUS means pitted against. At least use a spell check when you're being condescending. It didn't work for John and Tuhraisa last autumn. It won't work for you now.

Ms. Finnemore also seems scandalized that Perry would compare Plainfield to, Mexico, of all places. Perry's right on that one. I'll bet that Mexico has seen better than 2:1 new jobs created for every job Plainfield has shed over the last 25 years and since the advent of NAFTA.

The Pro-track families have good, sound, revenue based arguments for supporting the track. They have seen industry after industry flee from Connecticut because of its tax laws and out-of-control energy costs. They are smart enough to know that this state has already ceased to be attractive to new industry and are willing to put themselves on the line to support ANYONE who might bring about a less burdensome tax rate in the future. Let alone the jobs that would be created.

The anti-track people seem to have only one argument. And I quote again, "
The educated people in town understand the C-5 zone change is wrong; it is unnecessary for the town to progress. Those who are opposed to this zone change comprehend that the end result will be disastrous to our town." Their argument is that the zoning change is wrong and will be disastrous. Not that it will decrease property values, (Low taxes usually result in higher property values.), would create an eyesore, (Have these people seen the dog-track?) or cause other businesses to fail, (tourist traffic is generally good for local businesses. Just ask Litchfield.)

The last time I heard anyone get away with a restrictionist argument like that one, I think a certain segment of the population had to sit at the back of busses. I mean really. Doesn't Ms. Finnemore sound like she's holding her nose while deigning to pat all those uneducated people on their heads and show them the error of their collective ignorance. Her stance is the same as those people who opposed the equal rights amendment in the 60's. "Only I know what's best for you, please don't try to improve yourself or your lot in life. You aren't human enough to make these important decisions. Just stay where you are and enjoy being counted as 2/3 of a citizen. Let us (She'd probably say "us" instead of "we") grownups handle everything. Just keep sending in those taxes."

The only argument against the track seems to be, "since I have figured out a way to not pay taxes up here by having a second home in a different state as a primary residence, I don't want anything to change ever." That's an excellent rejoinder if I've ever heard one. Touche. I am skewered by their rapier analysis.

Anyway, I'm going to try MY hand at letter-writing. This one is post-dated a couple years. Let's see what Ms. Finnemore will think when she receives this in her mailbox:

Date: 25 June, 1876, errrr, I mean 2010
From: Skip Hayward
Re: Transfer of Sovereignty

To whom it may concern:

Thank you for your patience while we worked out the last remaining kinks in the transactional paperwork. We hope to complete this as quickly as possible now that the road ahead has been paved by our anti-expansionist allies.

Since the town of Plainfield, now known by its Native American name: Big Satellite Parking Lot, defaulted on its financial obligations to the state, our tribe has stepped forward with an offer to take over the operations of the town. We will begin our control of your town as of midnight tonight as the Tribe has covered your back debts to the state in exchange for your land.

Thankfully for the townspeople, over the last few years our allies have thwarted any attempts to improve the fiscal infrastructure of the town thereby making it a prime target for our "buyout." If the town had been solvent, the Tribe couldn't have pursued its support as aggressively.

The only domiciles left in the town are vacation and second homes for people who have other options, so there will be very few involuntary displacements when the bulldozers show up tomorrow morning. Those of you who wish to remain will be forcibly relocated to a reservation near Uncasville. Our competitors have a few acres of land left from the Nuclear facility that you will be allowed to use for a nominal fee. This fee will be in the range of 400 mil. Which is significantly less than the property tax rate you've enjoyed for the last two years while living in Big Satellite Parking Lot.

We thank you for your cooperation in this time of transition.

Best Regards,

Skip Hayward, President of the State of Mashantucket, AKA The state formerly know as Connecticut.

Not bad for one of the "uneducated." Hmmmmm?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are too funny! You have really outdone yourself! I love your 2010 note! You could send it in to the Bulletin!

7:45 PM  

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