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Friday, March 04, 2005

Microsoft comments.

I think we can all agree that Win98 was an iffy at best operating system. XP seems to be a bit more stable, if bloated. But I found a flaw in XP last evening that I consider pretty significant.

Purchase a FULL copy (Not upgrade) of XP. It say right on the box "For computers with No operating System." So, I booted up a DOS disk, Fdisked C: until it submitted, and tried to load my new version of XP.

Unfortunately, there is nothing on the XP CD that can be read in a DOS environment. So, if you have a computer with no operating system, you can't load XP until you install some operating system that can decode HTML or whatever else Microsoft is trying to do.

I ended up re-installing W98 so I could install XP even though it said I should have been able to load XP onto a computer with no OS.

You'd think they'd give you a 3.5" floppy to boot from that couldstart the process like they did in W98?

Oh well, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.


Blogger boo said...

Sounds a bit primative to work from no OS anyway right? Not that i know much about this stuff at all...i could say Mac OS is sooo much better, but i only know that vicariously, and i don't know you so you might hate me if i said that! Anyway, just wanted to comment randomly, cuz the short comings of Windows seem to be something that people talk to me about a lot =)

And it's nice to comment randomly, also read you're prev post about the media history - potentially useful for some coursework im doing...

i'll stop buggin you now...

katie xx

10:22 AM  

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