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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Not that I've been overly prolific here lately,

But there may be a lull. I installed a new 160GB hard drive in my home system last night and during the clean-up and system re-arrange, I discovered that all of the versions of XP that I have no longer will register properly. Poo. I may actually have to purchase a microsoft product directly instead of receiving it pre-installed.

Ah well. On another note, I finally retired the first hard drive I ever bought. It is a Seagate Fireball, 6.4GB and has been running continuously since March of 1997. It was a $300 adder to the system I bought back then. Now it's not even large enough to hold the entire Windows operating system. But it still runs. (For reference, the 160GB Seagate (which formatted to only 149GB for some reason) I just bought cost $92.)

So, now I have to find an operating system and rebuild the entire system from scratch. The only good news was I was able to backup all my important data files prior to the debacle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this unusual? What a pain it is if you like to continually upgrade your system! It's a good thing that I know absolutely nothing about improving ours!

8:08 AM  

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