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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Same old, same 'ol...

We went bowling Friday night. Lanes were in northern Baton Rouge, so we didn't have to venture into the no man's land created by the refugees. The alley was very nice. Fully electronic, clean, well maintained. We bought two hours, found balls and started bowling. After about an hour, a group of late-teen refugees was placed on the lane next to us. These idiots were all over everything like they were filming a lousy rap video. Walking in front of other bolwers, no etiquette for when to bowl, bitching because they had to wait until our balls returned after we used them so they could use them because they were either too stupid or too lazy to realize that there were other balls available to use.

Even with that, it was still fun, and nice to get out of the hotel room. But the only thing I keep thinking to myself is, "I'm glad we bought out in the country."


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

Gram will be so proud of y'all! (No duck pins?)

7:30 AM  

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