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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Terrorism in Austin?

Watching the developing story about the "small" plane that crashed into the building at 9400 Research Blvd in Austin, TX this morning. A few initial comments:

First, if that was honestly, a "small" plane like a Cessna 172 or something, it was going pretty God-damned quick to do that much damage to the building. Little planes don't weigh much and even at max speed of about 150kt won't make a building look like Tim McVeigh just paid it a visit.

Second: One news report quote an authority as saying the build is in an airport approach path. Bullshit. If that "plane" was heading for Barksdale, he was 90 degrees off heading at a high rate of speed.

Third: There seem to be traffic cameras and whatnot around that area. Any film of the plane? Any eye-witnesses see the plane? I haven't seen any published accounts yet.

And fourth: Since the CIA is housed in the building next door, my guess is a bomb until proven otherwise.


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