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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alrighty Now. What would I do in their shoes?

So, these occupy-our-parents's-basements imbeciles are threatening to "burn NYC to the ground" having been evicted from their squatters's row after over six weeks. I guess being on a union payroll isn't enough for some people.

These idiots have been in the news so much lately I forgot about radical moslems for a minute.

Here's what needs to happen.

The next bunch of these retarded jackasses that "occupies" anything without a proper permit gets shot like those most deserving hippy dipshits at Kent State.

If any more show up, bring in the tanks and create a new Tienanmen Square.

Maybe then the next bunch of whiny assholes will take their Masters in Queer Literature degrees, stick them up their asses, and go get a fucking job picking vegetables in California so we can deport some of the fucking illegal immigrants we can't seem to live without.


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A mite strong, don't cha know.

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