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Friday, October 07, 2005

PC Commies at The Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel was advertising some sort of hurricane/Louisiana related disaster analysis show last night during Dirty Jobs. The video they were showing depicted the ruined slums, (I mean neighborhoods,) with minorities weeping and aimlessly wandering around in the mess.

What caught my attention was the choice of audio tracks that was laid over the video. It was Jimmi Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower" which, while being a great example of early rock and roll, is about breaking out of a prison.

Is The Discovery Channel actually proposing that the people living in New Orleans were being forcibly held there against their will by the evil republican overlords stationed along the levees with guns ready to shoot on sight?

In today's world, and given the lame TDC response to the writings of one of the hosts of another of their shows, (A british fop who hosts a show about exotic cars wrote in a London paper after the first hurricane that obviously, since americans elected W he was not surprised that there were helicopter gunships blasting civilians in New Orleans and the country deserved what it got as we are not as cultured as he thinks he is.), they probably are.


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