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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Saturday 0545, Sitting in the hotel laundry room

I'm starting to hate these 'poor, unfortunate souls' who are here on effectively MY dime. I used to be able to do my one load of laundry early on Saturday and there would be no problems.

Now I get down here at 0530 and the is a load of clothes in the washer but the dryer is empty. That means that one of these families started the load of clothes I saw on the floor at about 1900 yesterday and didn't feel like checking it in 30 minutes to put it in the dryer.

So, I gently removed their clothes and piled them on the dryer so I could wash my stuff. Now I'm guarding it all because these inconsiderate morons will mess up your laundry if you don't allow them to waste everyone's time and take as long as they'd like.

That happened to me last week when some dork opened the dryer door and didn't restart it.

Kinda reminds me of the 'FRIENDS' episode when Ross taught Rachel to do laundry and they almost had to kick some obnoxious lady's ass.

With a few minor differences. This ain't New York, and these people aren't yuppies.


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