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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Say it ain't so.

Brian France, CEO of NASCAR will be on 60 minutes tomorrow. And, as with anything on CBS, nothing good can come of it.

France complains that he doesn't like fans flying the Confederate Flag at races because he's trying to make the sport more popular to minorities and women.


I hope all the fans for the remainder of the year will fly nothing BUT the rebel colors at all the races.

I've watched 99% of all the NASCAR races for the last ten or so years, but if this idiot goes this far into PC stupidity, I'm outa here.

It's bad enough that he's emasculating the drivers and forcing them to effectively kiss and make up on the track, but now he's trying to make the fans metro-sexuals too?

Let me say that the average upwardly mobile black family is NOT going to be seen ot a NASCAR race. Not because of the implied racism of the fans, but because they have better things to do. Where are all the minority drivers and crew chiefs you idiot? You already paid off Jesse Jackson's rainbow coalition because you're a pussy. Is this the next step in kow-towing to the racial demagogues?

NASCAR has effectively become an IROC style series for cars with competing stickers. It might as well be called American Rice because the only thing that makes any of these cars different IS the stickers. Just a bunch of punks running around under the thumb of a moron.

Screw you guys. I'm going home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh please! Say it ain't so? Can NASCAR stoop that low and survive? Appearing on 60 Minutes has got to be scraping under the most rotten of all barrels!

6:40 PM  

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