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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Old Memories...

Some final thoughts about my 4200 miles in seven days.

I was the least experienced rider on the trip. I knew we would be going places that "normal" people wouldn't usually go on horseback, let alone 500# motorcycles, so I prepared for it. I even purchased a policy from MedJet Assist in case I ended up in the hospital.

Turns out I was the only one who made it out basically unscathed. Luckily the injuries and damage were relatively minor, but they got me thinking none-the-less.

How had I, typically the crasher of any bunch I'm riding with, get through this stuff as well as I did?

I know I had many people praying for me during the trip. I'm sure that was it. Maybe, though, I had a guardian angel who knew me better than most as well.

I listen to XM Bluegrass exclusively, while I'm riding long distances. They have a fairly standard playlist and rarely play strange stuff unless it's during one of their specials.

As I was beginning my trip home, and just crossing out of Nevada into Arizona when "Old Memory" by The Gibson Bothers came on. I've probably listened to 500 hours of XM Bluegrass while riding my bike and have never heard that song played.

For those who don't remember, that was the song upon which I based my Eulogy song for Kent Schnable. Link here.

It was hard to see for a few miles owing to the rush of memories that the song brought back, but it again made me realize how wonderful this life is and the people with whom we share it.

Thanks again, Kent.


Blogger Amanda Schnable said...

That was beautiful Aaron! You made me cry (not hard to do!). I know he would keep you safe for Mona, but I think he also knows I would lose my mind if anything ever happened to you too!

I love you Darling!

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

There is a lot of love out there for you. I ask Pepere, Memere, Matante and Louise to watch over you every day and I'm sure that Kent has met them all and has never stopped being your guardian angel.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep plinking that 6 string. G.A.'s like music too.ifulma

5:17 PM  

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