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Sunday, August 23, 2009


62 degrees in Slaughter. LA this morning. Kicked my own ass from 0830 'til a white faced hornet decided I should take a break at about 1800 yesterday.

I found the nest and committed insecticide a few minutes ago. Must've been a hundred of those little bastards. Give that I was standing directly under the nest for probably an hour yesterday, I'm surprised I only got hit once.

Oh well. Took out a dead tree yesterday as well. The last one near the horseshoe pits. Pretty recent death as it has all of it's leaves from this year, but they've all gone brown.

The bee pics are crappy as it was dark and I moved during the long exposure bu you get the idea.







Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

You uncovered the "red brick road!" It looks terrific! If I remember correctly that tree was kind of a nuisance. Glad that you didn't get stung too much. Stings no longer agree with me either. Growing up sucks, sometimes! Not all of the time, though. You get a chance to really just sit and think slowly, no rushing. Thinking is rather interesting when it's slow, calm and clear.

8:37 AM  

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