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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mitsubishis are touchy.

I gave the Strat a tune up today. Pulled the intake manifold so I could change the plugs, wires, cap and rotor as they had never been done in going on seven years.

Got everything back to gether and it restarted fine, but as soon as it warmed up it stalled and threw a code. I checked the code and then hunted for the connector I had missed. I found it shortly and reconnected it. THen I erased the codes and tried again.

Now it would run fine but wouldn't idle. I drove it around a bit but it still wouldn't idle. I pulled the Throttle body off and hit it with brake cleaner as it and the Idle Air Control solenoid were pretty gummed up. Put it back together and it still wouldn't idle.

Finally disconnected the battery and grounded both cables for about 30 seconds. Tried it again and when the key was turned on there was a lot of clicking as a bunch of solenoids re-homed. I turned the key and it started, almost stalled and caught the idle at 500 Rpm.

I turned on all the lights and the air conditioner to load the engine and it picked up appropriately and kicked back when the load was removed.

Drove it around a bit an played with pulling the clutch at different RPM. No issues and the hot idle seems to be very happy at just over 500 Rpm.

We'll see what it does tomorrow morning when it is dead cold.


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

As your youngest sibling would say, "Cool beansies!"

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