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Friday, February 11, 2011

Training to Commence.

So. I've entered myself into the local "Corporate Cup".

Link to site here

Main reason for me entering this is that when I hit 39 last October, I determined that before I turned 40, I was going to run in a 5k race and finish in under 28 minutes.

That probably doesn't sound like much if you're a runner, but I'm not one. That will require maintaining a slightly better than 9 minute mile pace for a little over three miles. I've done it a few times on hotel treadmills, but never really pushed myself to see what I can do on the road.

My training aid arrived yesterday in the form of a Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS watch with heart rate monitor. When the temps get up into the 40s today I'm going to give it a test run.

Hopefully, it will allow me to learn what pacing I can maintain versus what I need to maintain in order to be able to complete the race as I'd like to.


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