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Friday, February 11, 2011

Well, that's one data point.

First run, 3.145 miles in 30 minutes and 1 second. Gps tracking was helpful as it showed me that I usually start out at about a 7 minute pace. That explains why I usually die in the first mile.

I slowed the pace down to about 9 and was able to run the first 1.8 miles with no real issues until the meniscus in my right knee started acting up again. It hasn't done that since I was fitted for these running shoes. So I ended up walking most of the next mile while attempting to run after the knee calmed down.

Since it wasn't getting much better, I started stretching it out by really increasing my stride length and kicking a bit on liftoff. Strangely, the pain went away. (I'm sure the 40F temps didn't help it too much either.)

I guess I need to start using a much longer stride and a lower turnover rate rather than the short stride and high turnover that has seemed to be the most efficient as far as energy conservation goes.

That's why I'm practicing, I guess.


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