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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Off to vote again

We ended up with a couple run off elections after last month's voting so I'm headed to vote again this morning.

Talmadge Bunch, (our Sheriff, was there ever another Sheriff better named for a parish in southern Louisiana?), was the only "D" I voted for last time and since he did the honors and randomly picked me as grand jury foreman, I guess I'll go pull the lever for him again.

(The warden at the East Feliciana Jail, Ray Newman, an impressive man in his own right, in a Sorel Booke sort of way, (stature-wise, not operationally), mentioned that he'd probably be out of a job if ol' Talmadge didn't get relected. So since everything seemed to be functioning properly while we were there and since he gave me a ride back to the courthouse after the prison bus we were in broke down, I'm off to the polls.)


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