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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Next Project

Alrighty. Since there is nothing left on the exterior of the house that is pissing me off, it's time to tackle the greatest annoyance of the entire house. The master bathroom. I didn't take any pictures of the before, but it had the largest, most hideous fake pink marble whirlpool tub you've ever seen. This house was built in 1986 and I'm pretty sure the tub and sink were ten years out of date then. To top that off, there was no shower, so the bathroom was about useless.

Here are the first pics after a day of destruction and minor framing and insulation work.



You can see the bulkhead I constructed where the builders kicked the wall out past the actual edge of the house to extend the bathroom. The original dimwits had actually just drywalled around the double 2x10's and created a ridiculous notch that ran the length of the room against the wall. As I was tearing it apart, I figured out why the bathroom was always brutally hot during the summer; There was no insulation above the drywall and it was open to the attic. (I had to evict an entire family of spotted insurance salesmen when I pulled down that part of the ceiling.)

Now, I'm just going to box it off after screwing 2x4 studs in place to bridge the gap. I'm leaving the ceiling. (Mona gets to strip the popcorn.) But I'm gutting the rest of it to the studs and starting from scratch.

I'm going back with a 72"x42" jetted tub with a proper shower and tiled shower walls and backsplash. Not sure of the pattern and not sure about anything else yet, but I'm going to take my time with this project.

It's not like it is currently any less useful than it's been for the last seven years.


Anonymous Sweet pea said...

Wow, that's a monster undertaking but it'll be worth the aggravation.

8:52 PM  

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