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Friday, September 24, 2004

Do teachers use this crap instead of actually teaching?

I'm home sick today and while I am fiddling on the 'puter I have the TV on for background noise. I left it on The Discovery Channel because I figured there might be something interesting on. I'm in the middle of a preachy show called, "Assignment Discovery." It seems to be aimed at high school science teachers who are too lazy to do any actual research and teach their classes themselves. Here's a link to this week's programming.

This show is guilting kids into believing that the "Industrialized Nations" are responsible for rising tides and bad weather and wildfires and any other isolated event taken out of global historical meteorological context. (And some ignorant moustached bastard just compared "global warming" to the war on terror while standing in front of ground zero. That's nice.)

There is no rebuttal of any of the fear-mongers' claims from sources such as Bjorn Lomborg, a former member of Greenpeace who, using his knowledge of statistics, thoroughly debunked the "global warming" alarmists in his ultimately researched and noted book, "The Skeptical Environmentalist."

Lomborg started researching this book to put together a treatise proving global warming was occurring because of the state of mankind today and was unable to deny the facts that his statistical analysis pointed to.

Industrialized societies are, through research and engineering, improving our ability to conserve the natural resources available on this planet. Our emissions levels continue to decrease because of laws and governmental oversight. The result of this emissions reduction has actually been an increased death toll. For example, the ever more stringent CAFE regulations foisted upon the auto industry have resulted in the production of smaller, lighter cars. These cars are much more likely to cause mortal injury to passengers in accidents because their lighter weight and reduced strength don't protect passengers as well as a larger car that might get two fewer MPG.

So, parents, when your children come home from school and chide you about the SUV you're driving, make sure to go out and purchase them an Insight or Prius. Then, statistically, they will be less likely to survive to be old enough to vote without understanding ALL sides of an issue.


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