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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Two's Company...

Scott Peterson. S.T.F.U. already. I am so sick of hearing about that jackass and the latest "Trial of the Century". I was SOOOOO hoping that Kobe would get on with it in Colorado just so it would give the media ANYthing else to babble about.

Are any men in America paying attention to this trial?

And another thing. California. Of all places, California has a law on the books that says that a foetus can be counted as a murder victim? How can the feminists sleep at night? Shouldn't they be standing up for Mr. Peterson as the ultimate excersizer of "choice"? OK, so he was a bit overzealous in the manner in which he performed the abortion, but shouldn't this be an unlicensed physician/mal-practice case rather than a double capital murder?


Blogger Rowan said...

wow. i never thought of it that way. hmmmm......

6:38 PM  

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