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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

No sense of humor anymore

I just saw a Simpson's episode that copied a Beverly Hillbillies episode in which The Boy said something like, "I'm gonna go shoot me some Viet-Cong!" To which Granny replied, " Well, I ain't cookin' 'em!"

Now I find that pretty hilarious. Even today. But I wonder how the same joke might go down in a current Sit-Com? Can you imagine the spasm of liberal guilt that would be spewed (Yeah, I know, spasms can't be spewed, but hey; It's my site. I'll mix and match metaphors as I please.) if Ray Romano's brother had made the same joke to his mother but had used Iraqis or Afghanis, or Muslims as the punchline? I'd still find it hilarious and if they had had the stones to do something like that I might have even watched the show.

I think the '60's were the root of most of our problems today. It's too bad some things had to change.


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