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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sex? in the Cities?

Theodore Dalrymple has an excellent essay in the June 20 edition of National Review. My favorite paragraph reads as follows:

  • "(F)uture historians (assuming that an interest in the past survives) will be struck, I suspect, by the confusion in our society concerning sexual boundaries. On one hand, almost no sexual display is forbidden, and the most casual of liaisons is perfectly normal; on the other, university professors dare not be alone in a closed room with a female student for fear of accusations of sexual misdemeanor, and in some offices the most mildly flirtatious of remarks is taken as little short of rape. Extreme licentiousness thus coexists with a Puritanism that out-Calvins Calvin. One minute we are told that anything goes, and the next that we must carefully censor ourselves for fear of permanently traumatizing anyone who might overhear supposedly salacious remarks. At last, Herbert Marcuse‚Äôs concept of repressive tolerance seems to make some sense: We can do what we like so long as we live in fear. "

Dalrymple starts with the Jackson trial and wends his way through current societal acceptance of licentiousness. This article alone is worth the subscription to the digital version at least.


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I'm so confused by this posting. Kent was getting divorced when he died, so how would it have been their 7th anniversary? I guess you can call her a "widow" since technically their divorce was not final. But, remember, they lived in separate homes. You were Kent's best friend how could you put a focus on her instead of him. How disappointing!!! Shame on you!!!

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