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Monday, June 27, 2005

Where's Yogi?

Where have I seen this before? Missing college students, shark attacks and rising gas prices dominating an utterly meaningless news cycle.

Anybody else remember summer 2001? When there was nothing to worry about but being murdered by a congressman and dumped in a park or swimming in the ocean.

Life is so care-free.

At least the murderous islamist SOB's seem to be distracted by our middle eastern campaign or else I'd bet they'd be immolating themselves here again in our cities.

Never forget.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh,Cynicallous, I didn't need the graphic reminder! But then again, maybe I did. Maybe we should all see it again to remind us what needs to be done. We must never flag in our quest to save mankind from Evil. It's so difficult to believe that such pure hatred exists. It will not be overcome by platitudes and negociation. The War must be to the end;to the death of militant islam where ever it exists and to the end of the tyranny of political elites.

2:40 PM  

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