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Sunday, August 28, 2005

So. Here's the news.

It's been an interesting last coupla months. In June, after returning from our Playa del Carmen trip, which, as I've said before, was wonderful, I was contacted be a couple of technical recruiters. I get several of those calls per year and have never returned them. Until now.

I'm not too sure why I called them back this time, but I guess I felt it might be time for a change. The company I was working for had been doing some things over the last few years that I didn't really understand and I was concerned that they are looking to outsource all of their engineering. Anyway.....

In early July I had a phone interview with the engineering manager of a competitor's #1 site. That interview went very well and even though the job I was interviewing for had just been filled, (By an engineer from the same company I worked for as well,) the competitor decided that I should have an on-site interview to see if it would be worth their while to hire me.

On July 14-16 I flew down to Baton Rouge for the interview. It was a substantial interview. These people are sharp. I have not seen as many technical savants in one place at my old company. I took lots of notes on that trip and once I get my iPAQ hooked up, I'll post them here.

Suffice it to say, the interviews went very well and I received an offer of employment on August 17. I accepted immediately. And, after passing the drug screen and background check, here I am, in Zachary, LA. I start my new job tomorrow at 7am.

More posts to come.


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