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Monday, September 12, 2005

Didn't take too long...

For the History Channel to show it's true color. (A nice light shade of pink.)

Show about the hurricane. Had an interview with an idiot claiming that because W cut a few million dollars out of the Army corps of engineers levee budget over the last few years and for fiscal year 2006 that this mess would have otherwise been averted.

Not quite, dumbass. The entire levee system was designed for a Class 3. Not a Strong 4+. A few extra cubic yards of dirt dumped on the piles wouldn't have made a damned bit of difference.

Maybe the state of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans should stop suckling at the feddle gummint's teat and start planning for their own disasters. The nanny state can only fix everything under martial law. (Just ask people who disagree with Castro.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Add to that. . . in 1965 or so the government earmarked big funds to strenghten Lake Ponchatrain (sp?) but the environmentalists fought in the courts and won. So no money to help get ready for a big hurricane because the environmentlists wanted to protect "wet-lands!"

3:39 PM  

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