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Friday, September 23, 2005

What'd I tell ya?

Looks like it's coming ashore at Port Arthur. I figured at least 50 miles further east, but it was a better guess than all the forecast-dweebs who were so busy putting Houston into a case of perpetual gridlock that a bus carrying elderly nursing home citizens caught fire on the freeway and killed dozens. I wonder if they're going to charge that nursing home director with manslaughter?

New Orleans is going under again. Thank God W stepped in and forced that jackass mayor to rescind his order to repopulate or we'd be going throught the same thing again. This Nagin guy needs to be drowned for the common good.

We're getting worse weather already now than we got during the entirety of the last storm. It's rather windy and raining like hell. I can't believe the TV people are still paying attention to Texas. Louisiana is going to get the worst of this one. I guess we can't be the flavor of the week twice.

Oh well. I've got beer, soda, bread, peanut butter, jelly and Fritos. If the power goes out I should be good for a month.


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