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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Residents of Plainfield, CT - Get out while you still have money left!!

Having now elected an anti-business nerd as first selectman, Plainfield will now go the way of Litchfield as the town seems to have wished for years. All the working locals will relocate to areas that have lower taxes and more jobs and the town will become a pitiful attempt at a bedroom community for New Yorkers and Bostonites who need somewhere to live while they await their reserved places at the craps tables at Foxwoods. No one will be able to pay the taxes required to keep the miserable town afloat. And without taxes, all the infrastructure will crumble. Not that it's very good anyway.

I grew up there. I've had the distinct displeasure of watching the town's downward spiral into nothingness. In the last 35 years, the only non-negative trend has been the leveling of the slope of decline that occurred shortly after the monster casinos opened in the 90's. That's all but over and now that no one will try to entice some new industrial player into the town to support the tax base, the spiral will continue.

Unless someone develops a spine and the creativity required to pull in industry, the town has fifteen years left until it becomes a speedbump. Merely a relic of the bygone New England textile age. I'll be saddened to see it go, but I won't be surprised.


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

Oh come now! Please pray that it doesn't get that bad (a speed bump between New York and Boston!) I really thought that we could pull off the write-in but we didn't. Our only hope is that Cunningham can be taught! Of course that may be a moot point, after all he's the head of the Board of Education! I do believe that he has to give that up to be First Selectman.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

I'm afraid that it was already a New England textile age relic back in the 40's. We'll never see it as it was in times past but that's OK as long as we have people willing to work for a future that brings in jobs, jobs, jobs all kinds of jobs. We'll have to wait and see. I hope you're wrong, but I don't think so!

3:10 PM  

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