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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Durango Hitch Install, Phase 3

I tackled the trailer brakes after a nice Dual-sport ride with the DSRL bunch this morning.

Turns out that the grounds for each of the brake units had broken. I reconnected them and the brake controller started reading the units.

I thne took a look inside the actual plug on the trailer. Whoa. It was totally rusted and mud-dawbered up. I can't believe that it still worked as well as it did.

Off to Autozone for a new plug. Rewired the trailer to the new plug and checked it out.

Everything worked. And I found out why the vortex did not open yesterday. There was a short in the plug that was causing the marker lights to flash when the hazard flashers were on. After rewiring the plug, they don't do that any more.

Took the trailer for a drag empty and played with the brakes. This controller lets you set the max voltage very easily so at 5V max, I can tow the trailer empty and not lock the trailer wheels up.

Went back home and loaded up the Firebird. Strapped it down about a fot further back from where it worked on the 3/4 ton and off we went.

The Durango tows remarkably well. I think it actually handled better than when we had it packed to the gills with crap over Thanksgiving.

I was able to run the brake controller up to 12.8V and Boost #3 and that thing STOPS. And right Now. Kill the boost and it is docile for slow in town driving. Bump up the boost and from 70 mph it just hauls the combo to a stop pronto.

Brakes never even screwed up once.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow.


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