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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clean Windshields

I am not a fan of smeary, foggy windshields. One of my grandest peeves is for someone to put a finger or toeprint on my usually clean glass.

I have a standard regimen for getting wind screens clean and keeping them that way. For the worst of the worst, that usually involves lacquer thinner with a Windex chaser and a buff with a cotton rag.

The new (old) Ford nearly had me thwarted, though. I've never had any deposit resist my efforts more steadfastly than whatever the hell is built up on that truck's glass. I've been trying for the last six weeks to get that glass to come clean. Multiple applications of thinner, windex, glass plus, vinegar, different cloths, two brands of paper towels, nothing could stop the crap from streaking and smearing.

I finally got it last night. I hit it with the lacquer thinner again, and then as a last resort smeared the whole thing with Goo Gone. Then, after that dried, I hit it with the windex and buffing cloth one last time.

This morning, finally, the section I did last night is streak and smear free.


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