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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or how I was Main Stream Politics'ed Into Submission)

So. New York has become the next state to legalize “gay” marriage. The left is crowing and the right is mortified; promising to remove the offending republican state congressmen who allowed the bill to come to the floor for a vote.

Strangely, this makes New York even more progressive than California, but less so than my home state of Connecticut which legalized same-sex marriage in 2008.

I am now going to offer my opinion. I couldn’t give half a fuck less if I were on fire. I’d honestly rather hammer my testicles flat with an anvil and my 16 pound maul, than listen to any more of this worthless sociological idiocy.

Every moslem on earth wants to kill us. Every labor union in the country wants to bankrupt us. All politicians want to give my shit away so they can buy enough votes from idiots on social welfare programs to be reelected so they can vote themselves as not falling under the rule of the laws they enact. These same idiot politicians are banning everything fun and enjoyable under the guise of “It’s for the children”. No smoking anywhere. No salt in your food. No fast food. No saturated fat. No hydrogenated oils. No fried food. No drinking. No speeding. No gasoline. No oil. No decent light bulbs. No nuclear power. No hydro power. No coal power. Only corn power.

Is any of this newsworthy? Nope. Our freedoms are being stripped from us one by one and all I read about in the newspaper and online is that gay people can now file married-joint on their 1040 form. Congratulations for that. I honestly hope you can all prove that the rest of us are too stupid to defy statistics with our 50+% divorce rate.

No one takes marriage seriously these days so I just don’t quite understand why anybody would think this is a victory; or why anyone would even care. It’s a tax status alternative. If this country has proven anything over its short history it is that anything, once condoned and controlled by the government, will be fucked up expediently.

I’m becoming a stricter Libertarian every day. I’ve always considered myself a selfish bastard. If what anyone chooses to do doesn’t directly affect me, I have never cared. With all of the bullshit flying around over the last ten years, I’ve pretty much pared my political position down to a single sentence. Here it is; The politics of 2Evil – “Don’t fuck children.” Beyond that, as long as you take responsibility for the consequences of your actions and your actions don’t cause me grief, I really don’t give a rats patoot what you do to yourself.

Like smoking meth? Go for it. That will help with the welfare roles when you die much younger than you otherwise would have. Same goes for motorcycling without a helmet and smoking. Want to marry a goat? Hit it. (As long as said goat is of age, of course.) Want to take my guns or tell me what I can and can’t eat? See, this is where we have a problem.

You are not smarter than I am. You do not know what is best for me, and even if you do, I don’t care. Keep it the fuck to yourself. I won’t tell you what to do with your life if you just leave me to my business.

Another discontinuity with recent national developments is that the enacting of the global healthcare initiative will only work if lots of people start dying much younger. Same thing with medicare and FICA long term. But all I see is dipshits in power trying to force people to do things that are “good for them”. Seems ass backwards to me. You’d expect that if the politicians were smart they’d encourage all the behaviors that would ultimately shorten people’s lives. Constituents are much less expensive when they’re dead. Nope. Too many nosey, butt-insky advocacy groups that have too much money and fill the pockets of politicians through lobbyists to ever hope that I might be left in peace to do as I please.

It comes down to this: At the moment, about 45% of the people in this nearly-formerly great nation provide the full support for the other 55%. As we keep letting entire nations move their populace onto our dole, and encourage our own people to become addicted to government support of all kinds, eventually, that useful 45% will smarten up and either leave, or join the ranks of the 55%. This is an exponential asymptotic graph that ends up with a “divide by zero” error at some point in the near future.

Sometimes I wonder if there is anywhere left on earth to go where you might consider yourself even nominally free to actually do as you choose.

Now that I think about it thoroughly though, there probably never was.


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Probably right.

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