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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tapped out

Grabbed the remaining fastener and headed to LeBlanc's this morning. The store has just about finished its renovation and the interior is rather impressive. They have moved all the hardware to the opposite end of the store, but I found it eventually and checked out my fastener.

Turns out it is an M12x1.75 thread. After determining that, I noticed that they are now stocking Craftsman tools in addition to all the other Ace/True Value stuff. I didn't have high hopes that they would have what I needed but I poked around a bit and sure enough, they had two M12x1.75 taps hanging with all the rest of the SAE and metric taps and dies. $10 out the door.

Got it home, popped the wheel off, retapped the hole and threaded the bolt in where it should be. Torqued it up and checked the others and we're back in business.


Blogger Perry Rose said...

As it should be.

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