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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Busy weekend.

Well, yesterday, I installed a new circuit for the eventual aerator and sprayer pumps that will come with the new septic system.

Here is that:


Then I started framing around the new tub so I can get to the drywall installation. After measuring it and determining that I was going to have to rip a pile of 2x4's into strips from 1/2" -1.75" thick, I bought a nice table saw. It really does help to have the correct tool for the job. The saw made all the cuts I needed effortlessly. Other than hand notching the bottoms of the new furring strips so they fit behind the tub rail, the saw did it all. I also now understand why I see a lot of construction adhesive used on the TV shows. It is a good third hand and it really does make for a completely solid joint once it dries.

I ended up having to space the plumbing out about an inch so it will be in the proper location once everything is tiled.

Now it's time to drywall.



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