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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Tie a yellow ribbon 'round your car's back glass...

Anyone else notice the proliferation of those magnetic/clingy "Support Our Troops" yellow or RWB ribbons lately? Man. Since the town fair season opened up here those things are everywhere. I wonder how many people who are voting for JFK2 would actually have the nerve to put one of those on their vehicles? I guess it's just a bit too symbolically patriotic for me to believe that an aging hippie could ever adorn his ancient Volvo or microbus with anything in those colors saying that they actually support our military. (Spit on, maybe. But support? No.)

So, that leads me to wonder if these little $3 ribbons are actually being used as an underground sign that people intend to vote for W.

Maybe I've "misunderestimated" the average New Englander.

I hope so.


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