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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I'm getting dizzy

Christ. I'm listening to the news this morning there is so much pre-debate spin spewing from both sides I'm surprised no one has yet corkscrewed themselves into the set floor.

If you listen to either side, their candidate is a bumbling buffoon who can barely articulate well enough to out-talk Steven Hawking and the opposition candidate is a direct descendant of the unholy coupling of Cyrano de Bergerac and Christian de Neuvillette.

Anyway, W was underestimated by the Gore team in 2000, so Kerry's camp is trying to play up W's folksey, common-man approach as something that is a guaranteed advantage.

While W's team is effectively saying the same thing only in the, "Our guy is not as nuanced and classically schooled as our challenger and therefore he will just be himself, butchered phraseology, nookyaler, and all." vein.

Who gives a rat's ass? All I want to know is which of you is going to lower my taxes and kill more terrorists, preferably on THEIR home turf rather than mine.


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