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Friday, December 17, 2004

Yet another example of people who should not be allowed to breed.

I heard this story on the New York news radio station this morning. A teen who had recently received her driver's license and was driving recklessly with 5 of her friends in a vehicle only designed to carry five (total) passengers missed a sharp curve at a high rate of speed and careened into the woods. Result: Two of the passengers critically injured and the rest treated and released. Here is the article.

What is missing from the article was the statement from the driver's mother. This dunderhead was quoted by the radio news crew as saying she thought her daughter was too young to have been given a license by the state and that New York should obviously raise it's legal driving age to prevent such near-tragedies in the future.

Here's my take on it: Lady, if your kid is too friggin' irresponsible to be able to consider that driving is the equivalent of a license to attempt to murder anyone and everyone else on the road at the same time you are if you are so inclined, why, for Christ's sake, did you allow her to get the driver's license in the first damned place? Do you want to be her friend so badly that you are willing to sacrifice her life and others' lives at the altar of Dr. Spock?

My eldest was granted a license in Texas prior to our moving up here. She was NOT, by my judgement, capable of operating a motor vehicle in an appropriate manner at that time and she did NOT drive by herself for another six months until I was satisfied that she was not going to do something as stupid as this idiotic kid did.

The irony of this is that this moronic parent, who shows so much contempt for the safety of all other people anywhere near the roads of Long Island, and is now blaming the state for the results of her own stupidity, probably think she loves her child. While I, on the other hand, hate children but just don't want to see them end up dead if I can reasonably prevent it by taking a little responsibility for their actions before they are able to grasp the importance of that responsibility for themselves.


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