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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Why Louisiana?

I was a little trepidatious about moving to the deep south. I'd lived in the south (Paris, TX) for over three years, but never the deep-south.

I already think my fears were unfounded as the further south I drove, the more I liked what I saw and heard. The roads down here are generally excellent. Actual posted 70mph speed limit on the interstate, so everyone does at least 80. 55mph speed limit on the backroads which are kinda like RT 202 back in Torrington, but much wider, flatter and straighter. I did notice a Hazzard County-type speed trap heading into a little town on the roads to Zachary from the interstate. The speed limit went from 55 to 25 at a single sign. No step down. It was pretty comical, but if the local cops sit just past that sign, I'd bet they snag a few good ones.

Also, the radio stations are better here. Lots of country, a couple "Classic Country" station that only play stuff from before Garth Brooks showed up and ruined the genre, and a couple heavy-metal/hard rock station that play a decent mix of metal.

First impression, I like this area better than Paris. More trees. Less open soybean fields. Closer to a main city. (Hopefully, it stays that way and the cities aren't washed into the gulf.)

Now I just have to find a good house. (I guess I'll see what the ones for sale are made of after this week.)Shouldn't be too hard.


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Bonne chance!

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