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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Interesting news

I just received word that the Fort Worth PD may have arrested someone in connection with Kent Schnable's Thanksgiving '04 murder.

I'll post links and more information when I receive it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Arrested man Ariel Martinez and I used to date in high school. I saw him on and off throughout the years after graduation. I would have never thought hed take it this far. But knew he had a horrible temper. I heard after he was bailed out, He still went out to celebrate new years. He was bragging about getting drunk to the neighbors whom I happen to be good friends with.
I wonder if after now facing a term of 2-20 yrs for manslaughter if he finally has come to terms with the fact he took someones life away for no reason. Im also anxious to hear who the passangers were. I have an idea, but would like to see them in jail too. thanks


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