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Friday, December 16, 2005

Yes Darryl, We Have...

So, the renewal of sixteen critical provisions of the Patriot Act was filibustered down today by a bunch of pussies in the Senate. The vote was 52 for, 47 against, with the ever useful Chris Dodd of CT absent and not voting. (Gee, I wonder how he would have voted?)

I don't think I've ever witnessed a hind-sight with a cataract.

The state hardest hit by the moslem destruction on 9/11 shows its true colors by having both its senators vote to return to the mindset of September 10, 2001.

Maybe the "Heroes" of Flight 93 should've just STFU and let those evil bastards fly that thing into the Halls of Congress. Unfortunately, even that wouldn't enlighten these dim-bulbs.

"OK Mr. terrorist, here's my lunch, just don't try it again, alright?"  I think that was the Clinton gambit for about eight years or so. We all know how well THAT worked, don't we.

All I've been hearing about is the intelligence failures that led up to 9/11 and even this current war. How the hell can we reform intelligence if we give it the same set of tools it had that caused it to screw up in the first place?

If I handed an electrician a set of stainless screwdrivers with no insulation and demanded he work on a 480V cabinet while it was hot, he'd rightfully kick my ass for jeopardizing his safety.

Thank God congress isn't in charge of anyone's safety….


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

You're right,a pretty sad bunch,. absolutely no character, no courage, no bravery, no thought, no good education, no proper living, no understanding, not capable of logic and downright foolish. But believe it or not, we will somehow manage to survive because we've got the character, the courage and the education, (education with a lower case e) to understand what is important.

5:14 PM  

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