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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A New Security-Based Boom?

Now that I'm investing again, I'm watching the markets reasonably closely. Yesterday was day two of the first >11,000 Dow Index since before 9/11.

I wonder if we are in the infancy of a 90's style growth spurt spurred by lower taxes and the reduction, if not the actual elimination of a severe national security threat?

In 1989, the cold war ended with the fall of the Berlin wall. In about three years, the market took off on its ride of irrational exuberance only to be brought down by lousy federal reserve policy, corporate scandal, an, of course, the events of September 11.

Now that people are comfortable that the government has diverted the terrorists's attention overseas, corporations are more wary of cooking the books and the Fed seems to be backing away from many further interest rate hikes, maybe we're about to see the next wave of significant wealth generation.

I hope so. Optimism might be nice for a change.


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

Agreed, even though we don't have much left in the market. . .

7:56 AM  

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