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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Now a few comments.

First, I hope they nail the bastard to the wall by his scrotum.

Second, Probably not a good idea to confess to involvement in a crime to someone who you may piss off in the future.

Third, Knowing someone who has had intimate involvement with the Texas justice system related to a murder case, I'm unfortunately not overly optimistic about this not being pled out for some ludicrously short sentence that will inevitably be shortened even further by 'good behavior'.

Finally, Who will give me odds that the defense tactic, (if this actually gets to trial), will be to blame the victim, since he's obviously not around to defend himself?


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

Just give it time . . . It may finally end as it should with the guilty person paying the ultimate penalty. I'm sure the courts will act as if in slow motion. Just be patient and calm. There's no more that anyone not involved in law enforcement can do. We are seeking justice in this case. So let's not be pessimists. I'm so glad that there has finally been some action in the case. I was afraid that no one would ever be charged. This has given me some faith in the system. "Patience et courage, mon vieux."

6:52 PM  

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