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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Other otherworldly thoughts...

Tried to explain the concept of purgatory to a non-Catholic.

Somewhat difficult given that the King James version of the Bible does not have the 'apocryphal' books in it that give background for Limbo.

(And speaking of which, I've heard rumblings that the Catholic Church is considering doing away with the idea of purgatory. I hope not. I like the concept.)


The only thing I could come up with is that you have to think of God as a really good dentist. You know, one who uses a lot of gas and novacaine and has a deft touch with the needle and drill so there's no pain. Purgatory is effectively God's waiting room. If you've not been forgiven of all your venial sins when you die, you have to wait there until you are ready to see the doctor. And, to atone for your sins, you're stuck reading really old and lousy issues of People and Time magazine.

(Those magazines alone would make me want to go to Church more regularly...)


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

I think that purgatory is no longer spoken of in Roman Catholicism. I've always thought that it was a pretty scary concept. Since purgatory is the absence of God maybe we do our purgatory here on earth?

8:08 PM  

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