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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Water Heater and Insulation Update

So, the new gas fired tankless water heater has been working extremely well since I installed it in October. And I finally finished the full attic coverage with R-30 fiberglass a couple weeks ago, although 60% of the attic had been covered since early November. Here is a chart showing the preliminary results: (Granted, since this is a combined gas & water bill, it is not quite perfect, but it is a good as I have.


I'm happy to notice that my latest December and January bills are the lowest ever. And also to state that I have only had to turn the pilot light to the main house heater on for about a week over Christmas. Normally I have to light the pilot by Thanksgiving and it is used consistently until about March. (This December was "colder" than normal down here as well so that is an added data point.

The payback on the $3200 worth of heater and insulation I installed is much longer than would normally be prudent for an investment, so if your water heater is still in good working order, I'd say leave it alone. But, if, like me, your water heater is 25 years old and in need of replacement, these heaters are pretty nice.


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