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Friday, April 13, 2012

There. I fixed it.

So the front of the house is basically back together. Now I need to powerwash it, caulk the seams and start painting. I'm going to do that before I tackle the other sections as there is quite a bit of new wood in the soffits. I never did figure out why the builder chose to do that. Both ends were proper. It's a bit wavy in a few spots if you stand under it a sight along it, but it won't leak this time.


The other picture is of the 20' section of tin that had been slid under the shingles by the previous owner when it started leaking the first time. Since they were the original builders, I guess they knew what was happening.


It's funny, now that the boards are all tight, the original drip edge can reach the roof sheathing like it's supposed to. I'm still going to replace it with a wider piece to ensure it's structurally sound.


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Looking good.

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