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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Travelling Surprise

I've been in Charlotte for work this week. The job went well, but this
airport has the dubious distinction of having provided for me the worst
rental car in my travelling career. The dreaded "Chevy" Aveo. A more
hideous POS has rarely been conceived.

My hopes were not high coming in.

I got a text as I arrived that a Nissan Sentra was awaiting me in stall 93.
At least it wasn't a Cheveo.

Oddly, this 28800 mile specimen turned out to be pretty decent. It smelled
like bad cheese. The front disks were warped and something in the right
rear clacked pretty badly under breaking, but this was the first Nissan
with a CVT that was light enough to feel like it could get out of its own
way. Very roomy for its size and averaged 35.9 mpg for my three quarters of
a tank. It actually handled pretty well, too. Certainly more nimble than
the brand new Mazda 6 I had last week.

Not that I'd ever buy one, but I could certainly recommend one as basic


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They all sound yucky.

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