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Monday, January 16, 2006

"You've come a long way, baby." Or, My thoughts on the passing of MLK Jr. Day.

Having removed myself to the south I expected life to be a bit sideways compared to the standard issue New England version of normalcy I'm used to. So far the south has not disappointed. The weather is always nice. The cost of living is very low and the people are generally easier to get along with and get to know that we New Englanders usually are.

The attitudes are a bit interesting as well. Two Friday's ago, I returned home from work and tried to get the dog some water. No water. So, I called the local utility, (which is located in the same room as the entire town hall staff of two) and they said we' hadn't filed the proper paperwork to start a new service. I promptly read them our account number from the second successive bill we had just received and paid and they appologized and said the maintenance guy, even though he knocks off at 3:30, would be out shortly to correct the error.

At this point, I walked up to the road to get the trash can. As I was collecting it, the water dude showed up. He was a bit tentative at first because I guess most people would have read him the riot act. I was cool because I really didn't care. My inconvenience was minimal. I talked to him a bit and his parting comment was, "Gotta watch those women." (My reply was, "As long as my wife can't hear me, I agree.")

Here's another recent example of southern attitude.

Our daughter cuts hair at a local salon. All the employees of the shop were invited to a "Hairdressers Ball" last Friday evening. (New one on, me, but like I said, it's the south.) She and her friends got all dolled up, paid for their tickets and attended the event.

After she and her friends, only one other of whom is white, arrived and entered, one of the organizers got in their face and demanded that they leave because the party was for blacks only. To top that off, they wouldn't refund their tickets. I was surprised that you'd find that many muggers in one place, dressed that nicely, with really well coiffed hair.

My daughter spoke to a member of the hired band in the parking lot. (He was also black.) He was appalled by what had happened and tried to get them to stay anyway which was nice. Small victories I guess.

So. This is what MLK's legacy has become. The perceived right to discriminate against people because of their skin color. Thank you NAACP. Thank you Al Sharpton. Thank you Jesse Jackson. Where would we all be if not for you.


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

Comme d'habitude, tres interessant! La couleur, ce n'est rien; c'est la personne qui compte! Ta fille est superbe!

6:56 PM  
Anonymous killzzz1 said...

The truth continues to come out as "we" become the minorities. MLK had a dream that is becoming true except there will never be any "equals". I have already seen it in the 80's and the 90's around the world in my travels and it's getting worse. Look to the other countries and see what is happing there. It's doing the same here in the name of diversity. When the south rises again, it may be to late. Just food for thought.

8:29 PM  

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