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Monday, January 10, 2011

It's hard to find good help...

So the cable went out last night about 1900. Internet was still working fine and there was a long wait to talk to a geek at Cox's phone number so I figured they broke something.

It was still out this morning, so I rebooted the boxes and let it sit. Still out tonight when I got home so I called them again. Got a person and he checked on whatever he could see and said he'd have to send a tech out. While talking to him I had turned on the one TV in a spare room that does not have a box. It worked fine.

That got me thinking. If the internet and this TV are working, there has to be a common connection to the two DVR boxes that crapped out at the same time. I set up the appointment for Wednesday from 5-7pm and then headed into the attic.

I knew there was some sort of booster box that I insulated around so that's where I started. I found it and the light was not illuminated like it usually is. I read the labels on the box and found one that said DC In. I was unaware that this thing was powered.

I tracked that cord about 30 feet across the attic until I found where the tech nerd who installed it about three years ago had plugged it in. It was plugged into the same outlet that my furnace fan uses and since the dummy only hand tightened the threads on the connection, the vibration from the fan finally unscrewed the connection to the power converter. I screwed it back together and the TV immediately came back on.

So I called Cox back and canceled the appointment. No reason for them to waste their time when I've already corrected their mistake.


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

Well done, old top!

8:12 PM  

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