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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Routine maintenance pays off

It would seem that keeping up with routine maintenance on your vehicles can make a big difference to your financial bottom line. When I picked up the "new" truck, it was getting about 13 mpg. Before changing the plugs, but after most of the other maintenance, it got 13.75 mpg. After changing the plugs and running a double dose of injector cleaning solvent through it on the last full tank, it got 16.2 mpg. That is a 24.6% improvement in economy and has brought the 14 year old and 199,500 mile vehicle back in line with its initial EPA estimates of 14-17 mpg.

I just flushed the engine oil system and went with Amsoil Synthetic last night. I also changed the front differential lube to synthetic. (It was gross.) I'll probably change the rear differential lube and transfer case oil tonight. Then the only thing left will be the transmission fluid and filters.


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

Now that's a good looking vehicle.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Qu'que chose said...

Probably be closer to20 mph with less oil drag.

9:40 AM  
Blogger 2Evil4U said...

Nah. I think it's pretty close to the zenith at this point. It's a heavy, thirsty truck. I'm a little shocked that it did better than 16.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

Oh oh, I forgot to sign out again! Bad on me.

1:44 PM  

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