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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jeep is Finished - - (For the moment)

So I tackled the new rocker panel installation this morning. Not the easiest thing I've ever done, and I certainly proved that I am not a welder. The little welder I do have was too snappy for the material and it forced me to weld in 1/2 second bursts. Not a good thing for clean, neat beads. Oh well, after a bunch of grinding, it was solid from one end to the other and looked better than the old rusty one any way.

Before welding:


During welding:


Finished panel:


Since the seam is embarrassingly hideous and I needed to match both sides anyway, I decided to hit the bottom of the truck with a couple coats of rubberized bedliner. Looks tough(ish) and will hide most of the terrible weld job.

I pulled the flares off as well so I could hit them with the bedliner, too. (This is usually a death sentence as it is not straightforward to pop them back on but I figured, what the hell and went for it. I also pulled the side moldings off and cleaned up around them. I'm going to leave them off.







Not bad for a couple days' work if I do say so myself.


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

It looks really good. Felicitations!

6:40 PM  

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